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Diagnostic Placement Test

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Placement Testing

Upon enrollment, each K-12 student is evaluated academically using a Diagnostic Placement Test (DPT) to measure the student’s academic abilities and to determine skill and concept mastery in the areas of Math, English, Reading, and Spelling. The DPT is one of our educational services and helps to create a customized assignment.

For the high school student, the complete DPT gives insight to the academic staff whether the student is best suited for the General Studies or one of the College Preparatory courses of study.

All Plans Require $150 Annual Registration

$75 For Each Additional Student


Grades 3-5: $105/mo
Grades 6-8: $115/mo
Grades 9-11: $125/mo
Grade 12: $135/mo
Per Month*


Grades K-3: $145/mo
$ 145
Per Month*


Grades 3-6: $165/mo

$ 165
Per Month*

*tuition rates based on 10-month plan. $250 fee if withdrawing before end of school year.

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